We are excited to welcome you to our blog! Our pastor cannot wait to impart the wisdom and teachings from God.

Giving your life to Jesus Christ is the best decision that an individual can make because it’s a decision that will have an wonderful impact your life for eternity, Just as our salvation is important so is placing our membership with the church of our choice. Where we can learn, grow with fellow believers in Christ Jesus, we are a home and community of believers of all ages and background who dedicated and committed to a growing relationship with Christ Jesus.

It is the mission of Black Creek to connect community and individual to Jesus Christ. It is also the mission of the ministers, leadership, along with fellow members to support and help you strengthen your relationship connection with Christ.

Our church and membership is designed to help you grow spiritually so you that will be fully prepared to handle every aspect of your spiritual journey in your life.

In addition to regularly attending worship service, Bible Study, and Church School, members are encouraged to become an integral part of the ministry of the church.

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