How to Recognize the Voice of God in the Midst of Chaos

How to Recognize the Voice of God in the Midst of Chaos

How to Recognize the Voice of God in the Midst of Chaos

“How can I recognize God’s voice in the midst of chaos?” This is a question that a lot of believers struggle with when trying to draw closer to Him. Whether you are a new believer or someone who has a deep understanding of the word of God, this is a question that we constantly come across. So, how can we know that the voice we’re listening to is from God? Well, here are three ways to go about it.

Prepare your heart

How can you hear from God when your heart is not ready for it? Your heart needs to be in alignment with your needs. You can’t expect to hear from God when your heart is full of obstructing clutters. Prepare your heart by spending time with the Word of God daily. This should involve reading the Bible, meditating on His Word, and sometimes sitting silently as you prepare your heart to hear from Him.

Learn to Recognize His Voice

There are so many distractions in life that can be very confusing. That’s why it’s important to learn how to recognize the voice of God in the midst of chaos. God talked to Elijah in a small still voice (check first Kings 19:11).

Our lives might be messy and noisy, but it’s still possible to hear the stillness of His voice, even in the midst of chaos. As a true believer, you will be able to identify His voice. There are voices from other people, satan, and even from your own mind. But the voice of God is calming, reassuring, and comforting. You will not wear yourself out by trying to figure it out because even Jesus says that “My sheep know my voice.” (Contemporary English Version)

Surround Yourself with Godly people

Dealing with chaos in life is not easy. It’s possible to lose yourself in the process due to hopelessness. But surrounding yourself with like-minded people may be all that you need to get through trying times. In Matthew 18:20 the Bible says that where two or three are gathered together in His name, there am I in the midst of them.

Spend time with Godly people, pray together, and meditate on the word of God together. Having such a support team helps to build character during tough situations. Don’t forget that God sometimes speaks to us through other people.

Dealing With Real Life Adversity and Events

Once you understand how to recognize the voice of God in the midst of chaos, then you will be able to confront the storms in your life. It’s important as a follower of Jesus Christ to find shelter in the Word of God, regardless of how difficult the situation in your life is.

What I know is that you are not alone. We have all have been through trying times and this can still be expected in the future. However, God speaks in various ways and it should be our aim to draw closer to him. To navigate through the troubling waters in life:

  • There is no need to fret: during times of adversity, it’s natural as humans to express distress. But it’s also important to be patient. Allow God to control and guide your life.
  • Don’t forget to pray: prayers are the pillars of a Godly life. According to 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Bible advises us to continuously pray without ceasing. Ask God for grace, hope, and strength to navigate through life’s storms.

Written By Rev. Ranches L Hall

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